Band Members

Dehu Dehu Dehu Dehu
SquaDus Dehu Dekol Ikis

Name: Yotzmach

Real Name: Roman Duntov


Birthday: July 5th 1988

Birthplace: St. Petersburg

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Favorite Food: Beer n' Pretzels

Musical Influence: DAITA, Pain of Salvation, Kiko Loureiro, Symphony X, Al Di Meola, Dream Theater, Kamelot, Jamiroquai, John Mayer, Rush


Yotzmach is Saigen Complex' guitarist.

Saigen founders Ikis and Dehu have been looking for a guitar player for the band for years, but nobody has been able to match their strict demands regarding technique, feel, and style - forcing Ikis to record the guitars himself in all previous albums - until SquaDus found Yotzmach and invited him in 2012. One rehersal was enough for everybody to know that was it.

Yotzmach's playing style is influenced by many diverse artists of various genres ranging from Jrock, Metal, Funk, and much more- creating the unique emotional and intense sound characteristic of Saigen Complex.

"Yotzmach" is a silly name given to him by Ikis, god knows why.