Live + Clockwise

The Cami live was freakin’ incredible!
Pics (and perhaps a video…!) will be uploaded soon!

Also, we released the new album – Clockwise!
You can get it in the Songs section.

We brought FOUR crates to the Con (that is – 800 discs!) and gave away EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.

Looking forward to hearing from you old and new fans!

Meanwhile, go to the Songs section and get yer Clockwise!


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2 Responses to “Live + Clockwise”

  1. Filcey Says:

    I looked forward to your album very much!
    I am glad to be able to finally hear it.
    It excited me very much!!
    Thank you for wonderful music.
    From Japan with love

  2. A.H. Says:

    I was in cami too and so your show – YOU WERE FREAKING AMAZING!!

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