OzenBar live show 2018-07-19

Come see us live @ the OzenBar in Tel Aviv, on 2018-07-19




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Come see us in the Tanabata Festival in Jaffa!

We’ll be performing live on July 11th as part of the Tanabata festival in Jaffo!
Come see us! Preferably wearing a Yukata! :D

To the Facebook event page

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Amud Anan Released!!

Check out our new single, Amud Anan!
Download it from the songs section, as usual.

Also, we have a video this time as well!

Check it out on youtube:

And don’t forget to subscribe ;)

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Members Section Updated!

Yo everybody,

Check out our new Members section!

We have two new official Saigen Complex members-

Dekol and Yotzmach!

They’ve already played bass and guitar (respectively) with us in the last show, but they’re official now, as they’re recording with us, and scheduled to perform live again!

Wait, what?


….Did I write these out loud? ;)

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Our YouTube channel

We have a new YouTube channel, go there and subscribe!


We already have one video up from the live at Cami, and we’re going to upload all the songs from Clockwise too!
One song per day, stay tuned!

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Live + Clockwise

The Cami live was freakin’ incredible!
Pics (and perhaps a video…!) will be uploaded soon!

Also, we released the new album – Clockwise!
You can get it in the Songs section.

We brought FOUR crates to the Con (that is – 800 discs!) and gave away EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.

Looking forward to hearing from you old and new fans!

Meanwhile, go to the Songs section and get yer Clockwise!


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Single Nightwalker Released!!


I told you there’s some stuff coming up. I wasn’t kidding~

Go ahead and download our new song, Nightwalker!
In the “songs” section, in case you don’t know.

It’s our first song written and composed by our friendly neighborhood SquaDus.


The song comes with lyrics, english translation, and cover art.

Also, Members and Lyrics sections have been updated.


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Double A-Side Deep Moon / Puppeteer released!!

It’s been a while, eh?
But we’re back in business!

And it’s only the beginning!

Go ahead and download our two new songs, Puppeteer and Deep Moon!

In the “songs” section, in case you don’t know.

Have a nice taste from out upcoming album!

The songs come with lyrics, english translation, and cover art by Simone Held. Visit her DeviantART account!

Also, Members and Lyrics sections have been updated.


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Album Deus ex Machina Released!

First album, Deus ex Machina is up and ready for download! Knock yourselves out.
Also, take a look at the misc section, some funny stuff is already there. More coming soon.

See you all in Banka Sai tomorrow!


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You’ve arrived at Saigen Complex’ official website.

Saigen Complex are a rock band originating from Haifa, Israel.

Its members, avid geeks from the Gaming, Music, and Anime varieties, have formed the band in 2005 to create something new in the Israeli music horizon – rather than yet another clone of what’s already out there, hence their name. (Saigen = Japanese for “clone”, “re-do”, etc.)

Drawing inspiration from extremely diverse sources such as Visual Kei, Progressive Rock, Metal, Classical Music, Jazz, Israeli Oldies, and Video game music, Saigen Complex’ music has been described as extremely difficult to label within any genre.

In this website you will be able to find information about the band members, read the lyrics to their songs, download some amusing and interesting old recordings, and of course – download the songs themselves.

We hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to leave a comment!


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