Band Members

Dehu Dehu Dehu Dehu
SquaDus Dehu Yotzmach Dekol

Name: Ikis

Real Name: Eyal Goldik

Instruments: Drums, Backing Vocals
(Guitar and bass on pre-2013 recordings)

Birthday: October 10th 1986

Birthplace: Haifa

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Favorite Food: Yes.

Musical Influence: Dir en Grey, Luna Sea, X Japan, Make-Up, Nobuo Uematsu, Janne Da Arc, Versailles, Rush, Porcupine Tree, Queen


Ikis is the drummer of Saigen Complex. He founded the band together with his brother Dehu in 2005.
He also plays the guitar and bass in all the albums before 2013, and sings backing vocals in live shows.

Ikis writes the lyrics to almost all Saigen songs, arranges them, and mixes the finished product. He also composed some of the songs, including Renegade, Albert, Meikai, and more.

Ikis' composing and arranging style is heavily influenced by Hard rock, Japanese pop/rock, and old-school video game music. When combined with Dehu's classical / Jazzy composition, it gives rise to Saigen Complex' unique brand of progressive blah blah blah just go download the songs and listen for yourself :D