Band Members

Dehu Dehu Dehu Dehu
SquaDus Dehu Yotzmach Ikis

Name: Dekol

Real Name: Dekel Santo

Instrument: Bass

Birthday: June 6th 1992

Birthplace: Ra'anana

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Favorite Food: Cookies

Musical Influence: Billy Joel, Kousaki Satoru, Funk'n'stein, Yoni Rechter, Jamiroquai, Eric Clapton, Matti Caspi, Electric Light Orechestra, Yoko Kanno, 56K Fax Modem


Dekel is Saigen Complex' bassist.

Dekel is Ikis' friend from the Technion, where they also played together in a band called OCDC, for which Dekel was the keyboardist. Ikis invited Dekel to play bass for Saigen in 2012, when they were beginning to perform live in Anime conventions.

Dekel's bass playing is influenced by many Jazz/Funk/Rock musicians, and his sound ranges from deep and mellow to gritty and massive.

Dekel is yet another one of Saigen's many talented multi-instrumentalists, and can fill pretty much every slot in the band easily. His impeccable musical hearing tends to make everyone else feel like deaf idiots.