Band Members

Dehu Dehu Dehu Dehu
SquaDus Yotzmach Dekol Ikis

Name: Dehu

Real Name: Ehud Joseph Goldik

Instruments: Piano, Synthesizer, Clarinet, Saxophone, Recorder Flute, Accordion, Violin

Birthday: December 1st 1990

Birthplace: Haifa

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite Food: Meat

Musical Influence: Malice Mizer, Onmyouza, Lareine, Kagrra, Bizet, Gustav Holst, Matti Caspi, Yoni Rechter, Shlomo Gronich, Castlevania


Dehu is the Keyboardist for Saigen Complex. He also plays many other instruments such as Soprano and Bass Clarinet, Alto and Tenor Sax, Violin, Accordion, Varios sizes of Recorder Flutes, and much more. In fact, pretty much every instrument the band will need to use in an album or live - Dehu will figure out how to use, eventually.

Brothers Dehu and Ikis created Saigen Complex in 2005, but he has been writing music for years before that. Dehu's composing skills have amazed people since he was a small child and first touched the piano. He is the main composer of Saigen Complex, and the classical flair of his playing style is one of the major driving forces behind the band's music.